Empowered for Wellbeing


Empowered:  to be entitled, enabled, equipped.  To make someone stronger and more confident-especially in taking control of one`s life.   Each of us is entitled to have good health and wellbeing.   To be empowered for wellbeing is about taking control of one`s life with the sole purpose of living the best life possible.  Each and every being is entitled to a life of good health and wellbeing.   Too often we forget that we are in charge, the captains of the ship that is our life. How we navigate the waters is for the most part in our control.

Being empowered is about making choices that reinforce and strengthen our capacity for good health and wellbeing.

Do you engage in daily self care practices that promote wellbeing?

Do you live your daily life with purpose and intention?

Do you live life joyfully and playfully-not taking life so seriously that having fun is forgotten?

With regard to healthcare-are you in partnership with your health care provider?  

Do you maintain your authority in healthcare decisions?

When faced with a crisis or adversity, do you posses the strength, wisdom, and unshakable faith that healing will provide the best possible outcome?

Do you believe whole-heartedly that you are deserving of all the universe has to offer?

You are empowered for wellbeing.

Teresa Palmer